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MidSouth Con, Memphis TN

I'll be at MidSouth Con this weekend and will be on a panel called "The Librarian as Science Fictional Hero" Saturday at 4pm in Conference Room 8: From curator of forbidden tomes or powerful artifacts, to guidance counselor for vampire-slaying high schoolers (Giles from Buffy), to Gotham City curator/crimefighter (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl), the librarian in speculative fiction has both exemplified and defied the stereotypical image of this profession.

Thought you all might be interested in these handouts: To See Ourselves as Others See Us (PDF doc) and Rupert Giles and Search Tools For Wisdom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

(I will also be giving a bellydance panel/workshop Saturday morning at 11 in Conference Room 5).

Edited to add: What? Are you all librarians or something? Heh. The links above are just two passed on by a fellow panelist. There are several more in my journal. I'm pretty sure the panel will be ranging all over the place, as most do.
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