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BEA -- anyone going?

It looks like I'm going to BEA in NY in June; this is a recent development since I was expecting take the year off once we got done with the Special Guest gig at SheVaCon in February. Now Meisha Merlin is making noises that sound like a trip to the city for the two of us if they can swing a deal with their distributor... and I have absolutely no experience at Book Expo America.

So: is anyone going? What hotel is the designated hotel for librarians? Does anyone have any experience of the BEA? If we're hanging out at our publisher's booth should we expect to see 500 people a day or 5000?

Also to the point for us: what kind of information/handouts are most usable to library folk going to the BEA? Newsletters? Postcards with book covers and ISBNs? Quotes cards and book reviews? A list of mentions from PW and Locus? Are bookmarks silly? Since this will be our first "big deal" event outside of science fiction (and also the first for our publisher, I think) any input is useful and might be translated into objects-de-handout.

And oh yeah... just in case this *does* happen, anyone know a good dim sum place near the Javits center?
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