Tracey (tanac) wrote in slof,


Hey, anybody want to be a research monkey?

I need people to do a short questionnaire for my final research project. There are different levels of the experiment, of course, so I can't just post it here for you to do (because my mad html skilz are not up to randomizing which one displays if you click through, and I don't have anywhere to put it anyways), but if you drop me an email address (I'll screen replies so it won't ever become public), I will email you the materials and you can email me the questionnaire back, which I will print anonymously (without your name attached) and add to my other subjects.

Here's the official spiel:
(gotta be legal)

Hi! Thanks for agreeing to help!
I’m doing a class activity looking at how employers evaluate job applicants.

Basically, I will give you a job description to read, and then you’ll evaluate a resume from a potential candidate for an Administrative Assistant position.

Your participation is completely voluntary. If you start reading the materials, and you want to quit, just tell me – it’s no problem at all. You can also choose to skip any question that you don’t want to answer.

Your responses will be completely anonymous – I’m not collecting any identifying information, and I’m going to put your response sheets into this envelop, mixed up with all other response sheets, so I won’t even know which one was yours.

Do you have any questions?
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